PlateSmart License Plate Recognition

Monitoring to keep you safe.

License Plate Reader Technology


PlateSmart ARES Viewer has an easy-to-use interface that allows widespread and quick access to
vehicle recognition data and alerts in real time.

ARES Viewer communicates vital information and allows you to view real-time data from anywhere, at any time, through a VPN connection to your network. In a law enforcement setting, it is a proven force multiplier that enhances officer safety, provides actionable intelligence, and improves situational awareness.

License Plate Reader Technology

•  Alerts and Captures in Real Time

•  All Captures Include Full Color Image, State Vehicle Make, GPS Coordinates, and Time Stamps

•  Checks Against Hotlists, Permit Lists, and Exclusion List in Real Time.

•  Partial Plate Search

•  Input/Edit Plate Data in Viewer

•  Geo-Fencing

•  On-Demand Query

•  Easy Grouping by Camera, Plate, Vehicle Make, or State

•  In-Vehicle Mapping


ARES Viewer can be installed in patrol car laptops and stationary locations.

Communicates with ARES command center in real time.

Can be customized for each user to receive alerts from specific cameras or chooses a radius around the vehicle.

Outfit your entire fleet to provide full situational awareness and improve on.

Key Benefits

✓ Easy to Use Interface

✓ In-Vehicle Geo-Fencing

✓ Real-Time Alerts


ARES Viewer
ARES Viewer

ARES ALPR Viewer can be used in commercial settings for various deployment configurations. ARES Viewer can be configured with specific camera groupings at selected points of interest, ingress and egress, or by locations, and assigned to designated ARES Viewer users. Each Viewer can be customized to view data and receive alerts that are relevant to that user’s location only.

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