Wireless Oilfield Security Cameras

ROVR Technology has a complete range of oilfield security cameras to let you monitor your fields from anywhere worldwide.

The best part? They are completely wireless! You won’t have to worry about running cables or setting up complicated wiring—place the camera in its desired location and let the rest happen automatically.

Over the years, theft has become a more significant issue for the oil field sector, which currently experiences estimated losses of billions of dollars annually in the US. In many places, safeguarding and monitoring these facilities can be challenging, allowing criminals to enter and exit without being seen.


Mobile surveillance camera systems for oil and gas fields

Oil and gas fields are some of the most remote locations on earth, far from the reach of cellular networks, making it difficult to monitor activity, which can lead to loss of production, security breaches, and even injury or death.

Mobile surveillance cameras are an essential part of any safety program. The cameras can be mounted near drilling sites, pipelines, tankers, and other equipment to provide a live feed to computers in the operations center.

ROVR’s mobile surveillance camera systems provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for oil and gas companies. Our systems are designed for the harsh environment of the oil patch and can be deployed quickly without the need for heavy equipment or specialized personnel. Furthermore, depending on your application requirements, you can select from various cameras and lenses.


Why do you need security cameras for an oil field?

Regulates Compliance

The EPA mandates that all companies within its jurisdiction must comply with its regulations, like maintaining storage tanks free of leaks, keeping wastewater from entering water sources, and preventing hazardous waste from entering landfills. Security cameras can help keep track of all these activities at once.

Improve Operations

Video surveillance systems can help improve operations by allowing managers to monitor activity at remote locations, such as oil wells, pipelines, and refineries, where it would otherwise be difficult or expensive to send someone regularly.

Enhance Security

With cameras, you can monitor areas that are not accessible to unauthorized individuals and sensitive equipment or materials. Video surveillance systems can be configured to detect intruders with motion sensors, alerting security personnel when someone enters the area.

Prevent Leaks

Often, leaks can happen without anyone noticing them until it’s too late. With security cameras, you can see what’s happening around the clock and spot leaks before they become severe problems.


Why do you need surveillance cameras for oil gas field

How to choose the right security camera for an oil or electric field?


Here are some things you should consider when choosing a security camera for your oil or electric field:

1. Explosion-proof: The most fundamental criterion is that a camera is explosion-resistant if it is to be deployed in an oil or electric field where there is a possibility of explosion.

2. Type of camera: The next step is to decide between fixed and PTZ cameras. Fixed cameras are best when it’s essential to monitor a constantly specific sensitive location. However, to monitor always-moving targets or make a circuit of predetermined points, motorized PTZ cameras are typically employed.

3. High-quality, high-resolution: Day/night cameras with recording capabilities are essential if you want to capture any scene in as much detail as possible.

4. Advanced camera capabilities: Choose cameras with features like a wide dynamic range or defog function to generate prominent and sharp footage even in dense fog, smoke, or mist.

5. Extensive range: You would need long-range wireless outdoor security cameras to safeguard your oilfield. This will help you monitor vast areas with crystal-clear footage, ensuring enhanced safety and protection round the clock.


        Features of our HIGH RESOLUTION OIL RIG CCTV cameras

        Solar-powered: Powered by the sun, so you don’t have to worry about having electrical outlets nearby or batteries running out of power.

        Cloud-based: Our cameras connect to our secure cloud server, which means you can access your video footage anywhere in the world.

        High-quality imaging: Use high-resolution sensors and lenses, providing clear images of everything around your oil rig.

        Greater convenience: Our wireless systems can be easily installed anywhere without worrying about wires or cables getting tangled up with each other or getting damaged.

        Durability: Can withstand any environment or weather, so don’t worry about them breaking down even if you use them for a long time or place them outside.

        No WiFi Needed: Do not require a WiFi connection or any software installation on your computer because they are cloud-based.

        ROVR Technology

        Why ROVR Technology?

        • We have a great selection of the latest technology, and we are always adding new products to our inventory, so you will always find the best surveillance systems in our store.
        • We offer products in every price range, so you can get much value for your money when shopping with us.
        • We have excellent customer service and support ready to answer your phone or email 24/7.
        • We offer free shipping on all orders in Texas, making it easy for customers to save money on their purchases.
        • We always try to satisfy our customers, but if you aren’t happy with our product, we will refund your money without any questions.


        1. What are the benefits of using surveillance cameras in oil fields?

        The main benefit is that surveillance cameras can help you identify problems, where they are occurring, and what might be causing them, so you can stop them before they get out of hand.

        2. How long does it take to install wireless surveillance cameras?

        Generally, it should take a maximum of a few hours to get wireless cameras installed and set up!

        3. Can I install the security cameras myself?

        Yes! Installation is quick and easy—follow our step-by-step instructions and connect your cameras to your network.

        4. Whom do I contact if a surveillance camera is not working correctly?

        If there’s ever an issue with one of our cameras, call us, and one of our technicians will come to your rescue!